World Largest Video Game Retailer Joining The NFT & Cryptocurrency Market ?

  • Jan 13, 2022

Crypto has been becoming popular among many businessman, corporate companies, why even among the people. But do you know that crypto has also influenced the gaming industry. Today we are going to talk about the GameStop Corp that has joined the crypto cult in today’s trending crypto news.



First of all, allow me to introduce the GameStop Corp that hails from the United States of America. The GameStop Corp specializes itself in video games, gaming merchandise retailers and also consumer electronics. If you didn’t know, GameStop Corp is considered one of the largest video retailers in the world. So, with that being said, what if this corporation joins the cryptocurrency organization? 

As we all know, NFT is actually which a non fungible token is not that can be traded as like bitcoins out there, because non fungible comes a meaning, where even if you manage to trade out it for a specific card, they outcome is going to completely the opposite of what you have traded for. So, with that being said, what if the world’s largest retailer is about to venture into NFT and cryptocurrency to expand their businesses. Would that be a surprise, well, it wouldn’t because, in this trending crypto news, we are going to debate about the chances or even the possibility that they might want to check out for the crypto society in near future.

trending crypto news

Moreover, let’s consider that the GameStop Corp, does want to join hands in NFT fields and also cryptocurrency. So, what do they have to do? Well, according to it is rumored that GameStop is planning to enter the NFT and cryptocurrency market.  Whereby, the news also stated that the Game Stop has already hired employees to work on the NFTs site for business purposes. In addition, their 2022 resolution for their beloved company levels up their game by trying to create a site in order to gain more customers and consumers by encouraging that site to sell and trade virtual video game’s character, costumes, weapons  and so on. With that being said, there’s also rumors beginning to spread in the social media platforms where the GameStop Corp has started to look for publishers and developers to start on a specific game project which is yet to be known. These rumors are not to be confirmed by any of these corporation’s side.

Furthermore, this news has not only made the gaming industry to be pumped about, but it also made the cryptocurrency society excited. Due to it’s plan where this corporation is planning to enter the cryptocurrency market. This is also a golden opportunity for many investors to invest in this corporation due to its high profile in the gaming industry which might make it one of the tough competitors out there, if they succeed in making their NFT and virtual trading platforms for many players out there. Don’t you think? But whatever it is, we hope and wish the good luck for the GameStop Corporation for their future endeavor in the NFT and cryptocurrency market.

trending crypto news

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