Where To Use Glass Partition In Our Home?

  • Jul 09, 2021

What’s the new trend on the rise?

We cannot pinpoint the exact trends because there are so many different ones across the world. We may need a whole new page to draft up the list of trends but let us tell you the basics of what these trends include.

The future of home interior lies in arrangements and placements that speak airiness, connectivity and, you guessed it, open spaces! Open plans are loved by all of us. From interior designers to contractors we love creating spaces that generate optimism, love, and connection with one another. Your kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedroom are all connected in one bubble, shared equally in the great space. The ability to go crazy with the decorations in open spaces is something we enjoy. It provides up so many opportunities to play with different types of tonalities, colors, personalities, types of lightings, and even subtle privacy deployments. The key here is subtleness.

What’s more subtle than the best glass partition malaysia has to offer? Condos, apartments, offices, businesses, and even houses use the deployment of glass partitions to make their home feel so much lighter. It is a great opportunity to lay with natural lighting to make your home feel even homier.

But first, it is important to understand where these glass partitions can go? How can you strategically place them without making a mess of the vibes or a disturbance in your home?

For Staircases
Many open house plans and even closed ones do have their installations of staircases. But is there a way a glass wall or a partition can make the staircase look a little less odd and a much more sleek addition to the home?
A lot of people use glass partitions from the top of the ceiling to the bottom and provide a transition in the home. It complements the look of the staircase while bringing a unique flow to the surroundings. A glass staircase panels are worth the investment given its very subtle yet undisturbing look in the space of your home. They look minimal, sophisticated, and beautiful.

Kitchen And Dining Rooms
One of the most common ways of using a glass partition is to divide your kitchen from your dining room. The dining room is the social aspect while the kitchen is where delicious concoctions are made up. A glass wall in between does ensure that there is a flowy and airy look as light streams through the rooms and the visibility of the kitchen stimulate our appetite. Having th kitchen in sight yet still separated effectively divides the functions of both the rooms and makes it easier to manage as well.

Into Your Backyard
Your living room to the backyard needs to be separated in a strategic way. Who wouldn’t want to see the tulips grow in the backyard during spring while snow sweeps up on the backyard as we sip on a hot cup of coffees in the dining room. Glass sliders, walls, partitions allows us to stay connected to the backyard and still have the privacy and maximum function of the home.

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