What Time Internet Malaysia Net Service Truly Offers

  • Aug 17, 2021

One factor why the choice of hosting is so important is that it determines the loading speed of the website. For that, you can apply for Time internet Malaysia.

apply Time internet Malaysia

A clean, simple Web design that is easy for users to understand

Choosing the right design is essential to create a good website. A user will form his opinion about our business in 5 seconds. Therefore, a web design with a worked and organized aesthetic will always help. It is useless that we have magnificent texts if the user does not read them.

An intuitive and easy-to-use design is essential for our users to stay on our website for as long as possible, find what they are looking for and can enjoy. Also, if what they see is not very pleasant, they likely end up leaving the page, so aesthetics are important. It is best to find a balance between easy navigation and the attractiveness of the web.

The aesthetics of the whole is what prevails to form a first impression. A good website is configured as a whole and transmits that global vision.

Responsive Web

The web design must be responsive. If a website of an online business is not adapted to different devices (PC, tablet or mobile), then that leads to fewer users, fewer visits, less visibility on Google and fewer conversions.

As they say: “Mobile First”. About 80% of traffic comes from mobile devices, so a design thought first for them helps us improve positioning and usability.

Structure of the Web

The structure of the web must be simple and very intuitive.

Most important points of a good website:

  • A navigation menu
  • Homepage
  • The presentation of the company that contains: who we are, the team, the biography, etc.
  • What we offer (products, services).
  • A corporate blog.
  • The contact (a contact form, phone numbers, email addresses)
  • Geolocation: where we are (a map, street, postal code, city).
  • A good body of the page.


Work with a good content management system 

The famous CMS makes things easy for both us and our users. The most popular is WordPress, as it is the one with the most web optimization and usability plugins. We also recommend the SEO Yoast plugin, one of the best rated by users when optimizing the SEO of a website.

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