What Is The Purpose Of High Purity Metals And Alloys?

  • Nov 01, 2021

A metal is a single pure element; an alloy is a mixture of two or more elements, and at least one of them is a metal. Metal compounds can be combined with each other to produce non-homogeneous alloys which have improved properties such as increased strength or hardness, high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity or chemical resistance. 

In general pure metal has a relatively high plasticity, when added to other alloying elements, the formation of single-phase solid solution also has a good plasticity, such as iron-nickel alloy can form a continuous solid solution, so iron and nickel in any proportion, the plasticity of the alloy is very high. But in the conditions of containing other elements, the formation of intermetallic compounds insoluble in solid solution or partially soluble in solid solution, so that the plasticity of the metal is reduced, so the plasticity of the alloy is worse than that of pure metal or single-phase solid solution. If you are eager to buy alloy products, you can refer to alfran malaysia to access more information. 

Alloy resistors have been seen everywhere in circuit equipment, the most common ones we have are chip alloy resistors and plug-in alloy resistors as the most common. We know that resistors have a shunting effect, and alloy resistors are also used for shunting. For example, if we put an alloy resistor and an LED bulb in parallel in a circuit, the voltage across the alloy resistor and the voltage across the bulb will be the same, and the sum of the currents flowing through the alloy resistor will be equal to the total currents flowing through the alloy resistor and the bulb, this case many show that the alloy resistor plays the role of shunt in the circuit.

We know that impedance matching can be achieved in one way, that is, by changing the impedance, and alloy resistors can achieve the function of impedance matching. General impedance matching in the signal transmission process, in order to obtain the maximum power output of a state, and the use of some method to make the load impedance and the excitation source of the internal impedance of the process of mutual adaptation, the use of alloy resistors will have a good impedance matching.

In fact, the principle of voltage division of alloy resistors and shunt is the same, we can link alloy resistors and other components, listed in series in the LED circuit, flowing through the same current of alloy resistors and lighting, alloy resistors and lighting and the corresponding voltage is equal to the total voltage of alloy resistors and lighting as a whole from both ends, this time the alloy resistor to achieve the voltage division of the circuit, so that it can be well protected from damage to the LED bulb.


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