The Myths Behind “Unlimited” Website Hosting

  • Jul 31, 2019

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Are you looking for the best hosting services in Malaysia that can help your brand thrive online? Choosing the best website host can be challenging, since there are plenty of options you can choose from. If you are a beginner, make sure to do comprehensive research first on the ins and outs of the website hosting industry, before making a deal with a provider. 

In the website hosting field, professionals utilize lots of dirty tricks to stay competitive, and get more clients to host websites on their servers. 

One of the most horrible “tricks” that you will encounter as you along is the “unlimited website hosting” deal. These providers are looking for extra cash, and aims to scam people to reach this goal. 

Reality Check on “Unlimited” Services

There is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. Overall, there is no such thing as unlimited disk space. These systems are not yet developed. “Unlimited” is the key marketing term here. Just like with the word “free,” unlimited get easily get other people’s attention, deceiving them of unlimited hosting services

In general, unlimited storage here means that your web hosting company will not measure the storage usage, or place a quota. 

When running a particular website server, you have three costs: bandwidth (the most expensive one), memory/processor cycles and drive space (the cheapest one). 

For instance, a website owner named John is given an “unlimited” space, and somehow manages to exhaust more of that space, then all the other websites that share the same exact disk will experience difficulties. Thus, the closer you get to that “unlimited” value, the slower your pages will become. As mentioned in the a2 hosting reviews Malaysia points out, it is not feasible.

Keep in mind that there is always a restriction on maximum usage. These policies are stated at the terms of services, thoroughly enumerated in fine print. A big majority of webmasters ignore this, dismissing it as not important. Its primary purpose is to communicate to people that can use as many server resources as possible to run websites. However, the prerequisite is that clients cannot overuse them, and that excess allocation would be entitled to them. 

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