The Different Mobile App Marketing Strategies that You Should Know

  • Mar 20, 2019

The Different Mobile App Marketing Strategies that You Should Know

Marketing your mobile application is just as important as delving into the technical aspects of app creation. It involves a multi-step process that has to be completed in certain steps. Mobile app developer Malaysia produces are usually very good at this.

The marketing strategies that are going to be outlined in this article will help you reach your financial goals (or at least, make your application more successful than others).

Study Your Customers’ Behavior


I think it should not as a surprise that you have to first identify your target demographic before starting the mobile app development.

If you do this before creating your app, you will also do the same after the app has been created. What you do is study the behavior patterns of your target customers.

One way to do this is by studying the traffic that goes into your mobile website. What do they usually go to your website for? That should tell you something about your customer’s habits.

In addition, although all of the users are different somewhat; they do have similarities. For instance, the younger generation often favors mobile phones that are trendy with all of the nice cameras. The business folk would rely heavily on mobile phones with features that are fit for an entrepreneur.

Always Remember Your Main Goal

Your main objective should be something to the extent of making your end users happy. You do this by actively engaging them- asking for their feedback and opinions about how to improve your application even more.

Another way to keep your customers happy is to give them deals that they cannot refuse. For instance, if your application uses a subscription-based payment model, perhaps giving them discounts on their next monthly bill would entice them (and even their friends) to use your application even more.

Refine Your Strategy When Needed


A ‘perfect’ strategy is one that continuously adapts to the ever-changing needs of your consumer base. Since this is a multi-part process, I would advise you to hire dedicated personnel to handle each task. One should handle the promotional aspect while the other ones gather information and the other one handles the processing of the data.

You also have to think about your marketing efforts’ timeline. Should this only be a short-term endeavor or you want this for the long-term to sustain (or even improve) your app’s success?

Choosing the Right Mobile Technology is Mandatory

Finally, how will you market your product? Well, there are a lot of things that you can do. Sending SMS to your customers (and other prospects) is the cheapest and most effective method. It is effective because of two ways: it is much cheaper to do, given that current mobile plans offer unlimited SMS promos. Second, all of the mobile phones support the SMS feature which means that you can get to a lot of customers, guaranteed.

Also, having a mobile website is key. This website is well-optimized and can be viewed perfectly whether the person chooses to access it using a desktop or a mobile device.

Lastly, revising your application or adding new features based on community feedback will tell your customers that you are indeed listening to them; increasing your customer base even more.

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