Stephen Curry Sells NFT Sneakers Collab with Under Armour

  • Dec 23, 2021

Steph Curry’s $333 NFT sneakers, where you can also ‘wear’ in the metaverse, are already sold out. 

On this NFT latest trends, Stephen Curry, a member of the National Basketball Association and a recent crypto convert, has released a collection of 2,974 non-fungible tokens that include digital replicas of the shoes he wore when he broke the 3-point scoring record earlier this month, allowing owners to display them in three different metaverses.  

The NFT drop, which is currently sold out, permits customers to wear the shoes on three Ethereum-based metaverse platforms: Eric Schiermeyer’s Gala Games, Animoca Brands’ The Sandbox, and Decentraland. According to the dedicated website created in partnership with Curry’s real-world sneaker brand, Under Armour Inc. The net earnings from the sale will be donated to groups supporting access to sport. 

This year, NFTs soared in popularity, fueled in part by corporate sponsorship and sky-high prices paid for the most in-demand instances, sparking a speculative frenzy. The virtual Genesis Curry Flows sneakers are an early effort at one of NFTs’ promises: the ability to purchase a digital good once and utilize it across several games or virtual experiences. The loot box dynamic is one thing they’ve borrowed from the gaming world: there are five varieties of the shoes, each with increasing scarcity, and each owner has no idea which one they’ll get ahead of time. 

The website directs parties involved to the OpenSea secondary market, which has been the focal point of much of the NFT speculative fever recently. As a result, Curry and his nearly 3,000 NBA 3-pointers may have to contend with others who are profiting from their limited supply of sneakers. 

However, for all of the fervor surrounding this emerging market, a recent Chainalysis study discovered that only a small group of insiders is reaping the majority of the profits from NFTs. 

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Under Armour is preparing to enter the Next-Generation Transmission (NFT) lane, while Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk have just poured on the parade of Web 3.0. 

Hold your horses, Nike and Adidas… Here comes Under Armour to save the day. Under Armour is producing the world’s first cross-platform metaverse sneaker to commemorate Steph Curry’s world-record-breaking three-point performance on Wednesday. 2 974 “Genesis Curry Flow” NFTs will be released, each of which is a digital reproduction of the shoe Stephen Curry was wearing when he broke the world record in 2016. Each pair of sneakers costs $333 US dollars. Because they haven’t had much success in the actual world, it’s possible that they will solely concentrate on NFTS and the metaverse if things go well for them here. 

On Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took a few jabs against Web3. Web3 is the phrase used by believers including venture capital company Andressen Hororiwitz who believe that technology businesses will be supplanted by a decentralized system of blockchains in the near future. 

Web3 is owned by no one other than the venture capitalists and intellectual property owners, according to Dorsey, and Elon Musk agreed with him in a tweet of his own. First, billionaires competed to see who would be the first to travel to space. Let’s see if they get into a battle over the metaverse now.  

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