How to Find Companies with Affiliate Marketing Programs

  • Feb 27, 2020

1. Check the Main Affiliate Networks

The most direct approach to discover companies that have affiliate programs is to join an affiliate network, dive down the hare hole, and begin searching for an organization’s affiliate programs. The primary affiliate networks in the United States are ShareASale (owned now by Awin), CJ Affiliate by Conversant, Rakuten Marketing (otherwise called LinkShare), Pepperjam, AvantLink, Impact, and LinkConnector.

You can go to any of these networks, join as an affiliate, login to your new affiliate record, and afterward immediately begin viewing the available top affiliate Malaysia programs. Each network is somewhat different, yet they all permit you to search for the organization’s projects through essential keyword searches and categories.

For extra exposure, it’s a basic practice for companies to advertise their affiliate program inside the affiliate network. This is another approach to discover affiliate programs as these advertised projects tend to be upfront on different searches inside the network and in limited time emails from the affiliate network.

2. Check a Company’s Website

The next method to discover companies that have affiliate programs is to search the organization’s website. This is more for when you’re searching for an affiliate program for a specific organization.

The basic practice for when an organization has an affiliate program is to include a connection inside their website footer than connections to more data about their affiliate program. This connection could send you directly to the signup page for the program on the specific affiliate network they run on, or it could send you to the point of arrival jumping into more detail about becoming an affiliate for that merchant. Here is an example of an affiliate program greeting page from one of our clients.

Checking the organization’s website can likewise be the best way, and sometimes just way, to discover their affiliate program in the event that they happen to run their program in-house and are not part of an affiliate network (you may learn about the different approaches to help affiliate programs here). is celebrated for this. They do not just have one of the largest affiliate programs out there. However, they likewise have one of the largest in-house programs.

Their program is called the Amazon Associates program, and you can’t promote Amazon through one of the primary affiliate networks. You need an Amazon record, and you get every one of your connections through the associate’s program directly on Amazon.

3. Browse Known Affiliate Websites

A non-customary yet effective approach to discover companies that have affiliate programs is to see which companies are being promoted on affiliate websites. Sites like RetailMeNot, BradsDeals, Ebates, and SlickDeals make most of their revenue; however, affiliate marketing.
By doing speedy outputs of any of those sites, you can see huge amounts of companies that all have affiliate programs and are being promoted on these sites.

Investigating which companies are being promoted on other affiliate sites can likewise give you a smart thought on which companies have great affiliate programs that convert and pay well. Sites like these are multi-million-dollar businesses, and they wouldn’t be burning through their time advancing the organization’s affiliate programs that don’t do well for them.

4. Use Affiliate Program Directories

Another place online where you can discover different affiliate programs are affiliate program directories. There are numerous sites like, which people have created to attempt and make a database of all the significant affiliate programs out there.

These sites can be great resources for discovering programs in a specific niche that you may otherwise have missed, glossed over, or maybe still couldn’t seem to hear about.

5. Utilize Facebook Groups and Other Social Media

When searching for a new dentist or for someone to remodel your washroom, you commonly will make an inquiry or two for referrals so as to give someone a shot. It’s the same with a great affiliate program.

Affiliate marketers gather in different Facebook gatherings, social discussions, and subreddits all through the Internet, and these places are a wonderful place to discover companies with affiliate programs.

The subreddit/r/affiliate marketing currently has over 18,000 subscribers, and people post and comment about different affiliate projects and affiliate marketing strategies throughout the day.

The Facebook bunch “Affiliate Café” is smaller and more exclusive. It got formed in 2016, soon after the disintegration of a legendary affiliate marketing gathering ABestWeb.

It currently has over 300 members (the greater part of which were active members of the aforementioned gathering), and it’s a great example of a network of people on Facebook who frequently talk about affiliate projects and affiliate marketing.
Over these, there are countless other affiliate marketing gatherings and places where conversations happen. Any of them can be your next lead to finding a great affiliate program to join.

All things considered, it’s pretty easy to discover companies that have affiliate programs. You simply need to realize where to look. In the event that an organization has an affiliate program, they are going to need affiliates to go along with it, so it’s very rare that these projects are covering up.