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  • Dec 04, 2018

SEO Marketing 101: Tips For Local SEO

While it sounds appealing to rank for broad terms such as “plumber” and “lawyer,” it is not really the best strategy. Why? These are very broad terms, and may not drive the most relevant web traffic for you that may increase your web optimization.

This is the part where local SEO comes in. A local SEO strategy helps your website rank for geographically relevant words. Also, it helps improve your overall SEO efforts.

Your own local vicinity is a competitive space that can bring in more quality and relevant traffic to your website.

How to optimize your website for local SEO?

1. Review Sites

Take advantage of the influence of review websites. Make business accounts in popular review websites such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, Insider Pages and more. Encourage your clients to write reviews about their awesome experience with your brand. It may sound simple, but good reviews will definitely go a long way.

2. Local Directories

Go LocalOnline directories help users look for local businesses. Submit your website and other business details to certain local directories that apply to your field.

Just be careful about the quality and legitimacy of the directories that you will submit to.

3. Social Media

Social media websites provide another opportunity to appear in search results. Fully optimize all of your social media profiles and blogs. Make sure that all fields are complete, from address and phone number to business location and other details.

4. Keyword Research

If you want to make your keyword research routine a lot easier, use Google Keyword Tool. This tool can help you target your cities, and have an idea about the traffic and competition of every keyword.

Make sure to include your location keywords in the title tags and content itself. Don’t overuse keywords, though. Google considers this as keyword stuffing, and can get your website penalized.

5. Local Listings

Go LocalDon’t forget to claim your local business listings. At this day and age, it is mandatory to have a listing in Google Places, if you want your website to rank in Google local map results.

Local SEO is not an easy process. Just like any search engine optimization strategy, it needs to be maintained regularly, or else your website rankings can slip.

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