Gambling Terms Every Gambler Must Know

  • Sep 05, 2021

If you plan to check out casinos for the first time, it is best to do it online for the time being. You see, gambling is a risky. How much more if you can even catch the virus and bring it home to your family? So, if you really need to be bored to death, you can just settle in an online betting Malaysia

Online casinos are as good as the conventional ones and sometimes, they are even better for that matter, considering that they have more games to offer and you can enjoy them wherever you go. You don’t need to wait until you are done with your office work as you can enjoy casino games in between, and best of all, it is safer for everyone. 

Before checking out casinos though, you might want to know some of the gambling terms. Check them out:

Black Book – this is where all those who are banned in the casino are listed. If you find your name here, it is either it is just temporary and you just need to consult authorities, or you are banned forever.

Blinds – this is a type of bet that is forced in a game of Hold’em Poker. 

Bonus – this is what a player will get when he opens a new account in a casino site. The bonus is usually not the same and will depend on the casino site and most of the time, there are conditions attached. 

Bonus Abuse – this is a person who creates multiple accounts to different casino sites just to be able to claim multiple bonuses. When caught, he will most likely be banned permanently from the site and not only that, he won’t be able to claim his winnings if there are any. 

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Bonus Ban – this is a person or a group of people that is banned from claiming any bonuses. 

Bonus Round – this is an extra round of game given to a player who can possibly yield more winnings. Most of the time, special symbols are the signals and sometimes, they can be randomly triggered as well. 

Box Cars – this is when a player will be able to dice 2 rolls of 6. 

Bookie – this is a term for a site that provides a way for bettors to bet on all of their favorite sports games.

Breaking the Bank – this means that a certain player is able to win more than the house has or more than what is available in the table. 

Brick and Mortar Casino -this pertains to a conventional casino. 

Burn Card – this means the card that should have been dealt will be discarded instead. 

There are many other gambling terms that are not listed here and though you can just be fine without knowing them, it would still be fun to learn about them. And the good news is you can easily find a list of them online if you do some research.  


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