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  • Aug 01, 2022

What is Manga?

For those who do not know about Manga, Manga is a term given to Japanese comic books and graphic novels. Various Manga works have been produced since the late 19th century and there were quite a lot of Manga that have been translated into other languages, that explained why Manga is popular in many countries as it is readable and can be understandable in their countries.

Reasons why you should read Manga.

Manga works have beautiful and fine graphics that are absolutely fascinating just by looking at it. These arts would catch your eyes and make it interesting to read. You can imagine their line story just by looking at the pictures and graphics. Besides, we can also know and learn about various Japanese cultures that we have never known before.

Where can you read Manga for free?

Before this, people needed to spend lots of money just to buy Manga books and its collection, Now, people don’t need to spend money anymore just to read their favorite Manga. There are various free online manga sites that we could read from.

  1. Manga Legacy

One of the sites is the Manga Legacy, and it is 100% free, no need to pay in order to read it. In Manga Legacy, the range of the Manga from this site is really wide that various genres could easily be found including comedy, romance, shouju, fantasy, action and many others. From this site, you can also know the latest manga series that are trending right now, and you can join reading that series too. Among action Manga that is recommended by Manga Legacy is Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece and Spy Family.

free online manga sites

  1. Manga Kakalot

Each manga chapter is gathered on a single web page, allowing us to scroll to read any of the chapters that we want. We could also change a few settings so that we could easily read it, for example choosing which image server we would like to choose, in case one of the servers fails or has an error. You can also change the margins according to your preferences.

  1. Kiss Manga

This Manga site is great if you have a particular Manga in your mind to read because it has a large amount of Manga contents. You can just search for it on this site. You can even know the series that are popular, that many people are reading currently.

  1. Mangapark

The best part is that you don’t even have to sign up to read it, and you can just read the manga by genre that you prefer. What distinguishes them from other apps or websites is that they have the choice for online reading, in which WiFi access is not required to read on where you stop.

By looking at these free sites, we could take advantage of their existence without the need of spending our money. For those who have never read Manga, you can try to read it based on what genres do you like.


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