Fibre Optic Cables- The Future of Network and Communications

  • Nov 23, 2021

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Fibre optic cables are a feat of genius engineering that have managed to revolutionize the world of network and communication ever since their conceptualization only four decades ago. The blueprint of business communication was reimagined because of fibre optic cables.  Fibre optic cables are cables that are made up of several thousands of optic fibres in a protected and insulated jacket. The fibres themselves are very thin strands of pure glass which transmit information in the form of light. Since their inception, fibre optic cables have almost replaced the traditional cables that were used for networking and communications. These traditional cables were metallic in nature. 

Intrinsic optical fibres can be used for a number of applications such as sensors to measure strain, temperature, and pressure among other things. The optical fibres are modified so that the quality to be measured modulates the phase, intensity, polarization, wavelength, or transit time of light in the fibre. 

Extrinsic optical fibre cables are also used to transmit modulated light from a non-fibre optical sensor or an electronic sensor connected to an optical transmitter. Due to this, optical fibres can reach places which were considered unreacheable back when metallic cables were the norm. 

Optical fibre cables can be used to measure vibration, rotation, displacement, velocity, acceleration, torque, and temperature. 

Optical fibre cables are extremely versatile and have become a part of one’s daily routine. 

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  • Internet. 

Fibre optic cables have the ability to transmit large amounts of data at very high speeds. Due to this, fibre optics are now being incorporated into technology, namely the internet cables. Compared to traditional copper wires, fibre optic cable wires are less bulky, more flexible, and carry larger amounts of data. 

  • Computer Networking. 

Networking between multiple computers in the same building or in nearby structures has been made monumentally easier through the use of optical fibre cables. The cables have managed to substantially reduce the time taken to transfer files and information across networks. 

  • Medicine. 

Fibre optics play a large role in the field of medicine and research. Optical communication is an important part of non-invasive surgeries. Using optical cables the area where the surgery needs to be done is lit in order to reduce the number of incisions made as well as control the length of the incisions made. 

  • Automotive Industry. 

Fibre optics play an important role in the lighting and safety features of present day automobiles. Be it buses, cars, trains, fibre optic cables are widely used in the internal as well as external lighting system of the vehicle. Fibre optics not only conserve space while providing powerful lighting they also play an integral role in the safety features of the car. Due to the high speed transfer of information that fibre optics provide, it plays a valuable role in the safety of a car. In the event of a crash, the fibre optics incorporated into the safety mechanisms of the car allow for the instantaneous transmission of information which shaves off entire seconds in the process of airbag deployment. 

  • Aerospace Applications. 

With the high level of security and speed required in aerospace applications, more and more space agencies and projects have started turning towards the fibre optic cables as an ideal solution for data transmission. 

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Fibre optic cables are versatile and are slowly becoming more and more ingrained in one’s life. Due to the high demand, finding quality fibre optic cables has now become a priority for many. ELCOMP provides quality fibre optic cables and sensors. Go to ELCOMP now to buy an omron fiber sensor in Malaysia.

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