6 Practical Event Preparation Tips for Event Organizers

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Introduction With so many things that you need to take care of, about events management is actually a stressful endeavor. However, you can mitigate that by following some tried and true techniques to help make an event that is going to be successful and more importantly, enjoyable as well....

How Often Do Stock Markets Crash

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The Dow Jones is one of the major market indices in the New York Stock Exchange and it has been down by a whopping 1,800 points or approximately 7% in just a matter of two days. It is important to note that Dow Jones, being one of the major...

5 Huge Advantages of Hiring a Wedding Planner

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Are you thinking of hiring a wedding planner from wedding event company in Malaysia for your special day? It is possible for a couple to not hire a professional, however, they would surely be overwhelmed by stress and pressure. In fact, various couples that choose to handle their DIY...