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We are a cafe who specializes in coffee making. We have different sorts of coffee for you to try. Come taste our brewed drinks at our cafe.

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We import high quality coffee from Africa.

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We also provide delivery services for our packaged coffees.

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We have ample of comfortable seating for you to enjoy your coffee.

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We have free Wifi for you to do some work.



The Impact of NFTs on the Art World

  In today’s day and age, technology has dominated our life. It seems like everyone across the world cannot survive without the internet and digital technology such as our smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Every technology has a purpose from the beginning. Every time technology is upgraded to another level, it combines with the earlier ones to produce a new technology that is superior to the old one. It keeps going on and on to the point that it is understandable that many people have found it difficult to keep up with it.    It is undeniable that technology has overgrown every kind of industry in a very short period of time, and many people find it impossible to picture life without relying on the technology that we have now. Thanks to the advancement of the internet for making this possible. Many industries have been impacted by the internet and technological […]

Benefits of software for business

There is much software available to do a safe financial transaction. Defi platform in Malaysia provides safe financial transaction services

Things to do to become a successful content creator

The growth of the internet has introduced us to many new developments and online platforms. Some of them are essential in current times. With many developments, one of the advantages of the growth of the internet is the increase in job opportunities. There are many jobs created that are based on the internet and managing online platforms. In current times, every company need social media management and digital marketing in order to grow one’s business. Both these fields created many job opportunities for the future generation. Content creating becoming one of the most demanding positions in recent times. This article is going to explain how to become a successful content creator. If you are interested in content creation or you want to work in the content creating sector, you need to understand your target audience. In order to find out your target audience, you need to find out what is […]

All of the options pertaining to the wagering process

It is especially for newcomers to this fascinating world that continues to captivate an increasing number of individuals with online gambling sites malaysia.

Fibre Optic Cables- The Future of Network and Communications

Fibre optic cables are a feat of genius engineering that have managed to revolutionize the world of network and communication ever since their conceptualization only four decades ago. The blueprint of business communication was reimagined because of fibre optic cables.  Fibre optic cables are cables that are made up of several thousands of optic fibres in a protected and insulated jacket. The fibres themselves are very thin strands of pure glass which transmit information in the form of light. Since their inception, fibre optic cables have almost replaced the traditional cables that were used for networking and communications. These traditional cables were metallic in nature.  Intrinsic optical fibres can be used for a number of applications such as sensors to measure strain, temperature, and pressure among other things. The optical fibres are modified so that the quality to be measured modulates the phase, intensity, polarization, wavelength, or transit time of […]

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Casino

There are various reasons for the large number of online gambling sites available, the most obvious of which being the large number of prospective clients.

Advantages of participating in football betting sites

In addition, there is a trend to expand the amount of possibilities for how to find a reputable website among the numerous available.

5 Benefits of  MLM Software

Millions have participated in direct sales marketing in 2018, resulting in a $36.8 billion benefit to the economy. However, if you’re new to the field of MLM marketing and MLM software, you might be unclear where to start when trying to implement these powerful strategies.   Continue reading if you’re wondering if you need MLM software or whether software options are best for your business. Many of these tools will not only increase your chances of success, but they will also speed up the process.   A Completely New MLM Strategy Traditional MLM methods and their limitations are likely recognisable to you if you’re familiar with MLM approaches or have been running your MLM firm for some time without the software. Earlier versions of MLM software needed one-on-one visits by phone, email, or physical canvassing (like coming into their home or workspace). In most cases, this is a terrible waste […]

Tips on how to win when are you are in a gamble that actually work.

When you gamble, the one thing you can’t legally guarantee is that you’ll win your next bet. Assuming you’re playing honestly, you’re taking a chance. Even when you gamble, though, there are techniques to control the risks you take and increase your odds of winning. Look for smaller progressive jackpots to gamble in. You will be tempted to play a game that promises a huge payout whether you are playing slots, keno, or roulette. Always keep in mind that those payoffs are funded by the players. If you decide to play keno despite all cautions from seasoned gamblers, stick to a minimal number of picks. Three to five picks is the safest range. You don’t put as much money in danger because you’re more likely to win. Don’t gamble your money on the edge of the house. The “house edge,” or how much the casino expects to make from a […]

5 Ways to Last Longer in Bed

Premature ejaculation is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a man. What’s concerning is that it is actually more common than you think; affecting basically 1 in 3 men all over the world. As embarrassing as this condition can be for a lot of men, there is one comforting fact that it can actually be treated. Not only can you take the right supplements for men to help combat this, but certain lifestyle changes can also have a profound and long- lasting impact on your sex life as well. Today, I am going to go about some ways that will help men last longer in bed. Anyone who is suffering from premature ejaculation or even erectile dysfunction can certainly learn some things from this article, so do read the entire article. Work Those Muscles Out It is a generally good idea to work your muscles out […]