Stephen Curry Sells NFT Sneakers Collab with Under Armour


Steph Curry’s $333 NFT sneakers, where you can also ‘wear’ in the metaverse, are already sold out.  On this NFT latest trends, Stephen Curry, a member of the National Basketball Association and a recent crypto convert, has released a...

Calling For Casino Games Lovers 


For those who love casino games, technology has given them the opportunity to enjoy them from the comfort of their home. And it is, it offers a wide variety of games that many times we do not expect.   Of course, depending on the online casino, it will be a variety of games and...

What Is the Distinction Between Web and Graphic Design?

Web Design

“Web design and graphic design are two independent disciplines, aren’t they?” a friend recently inquired. As a result of my education in several design concepts, I am now aware of the discrepancies. For example, there are fundamental distinctions between...