Benefits and Challenges of Using Mobile Apps in Class

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There are quite a few pros and cons related to using today’s developed mobile apps in the class or school, generally. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using mobile apps which includes mobility, versatility and adaptability. Firstly, the mobility is when mobile apps allow the educators and the librarians to redefine the idea of classroom spaces. Learning is not confined to the four walls of the class anymore, nor to the regular school hours. Secondly, as educators, sometimes they can deliver the multimedia resources designed specifically for tasks or they can allow the students to learn android app development to create a digital project which nurtures the learning process and this is how the educators can be versatile in any activity or function. For adaptability, some schools are even experimenting with moving away from the traditional textbook, in a way they are now allowing students to use mobile apps which can be customised in some cases so that educators can create their own digital resources and they are now steering away from traditional learning which is using the whiteboard or learning only in the class.

On the other hand, mobile apps can also bring a unique set of challenges to the class. First, time is money. It takes a lot of time to teach students on how to use the mobile apps unless they are already figuring it out on their own. When educators are in a time crunch, this can be difficult to try to teach the course based on the outline given and to teach the mobile apps. The second issue is the privacy and security. This is stressed on especially younger students who are using the apps and being in an online environment. Schools must strive to ensure the students’ identities and data is protected and remain completely private. The last issue is the accountability. Accountability is when the educators assess the mobile apps used in order to make sure that the quality of the mobile apps will enhance the process of learning among the students. Also, educators have to make sure that the students are truly learning.

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